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To successfully get the influence of money and power out of US politics, and to create fair and honest US elections before yet another election cycle controlled by the Elite, for the Elite, we are running out of time. The contact needs to be almost exclusively between you and those that are interested in finally gaining self-governance. Sign the document, and spread it.

If you want fair and honest elections without the influence of the Elite money and influence, by 2014 or even 2016, you and a few million others will need to make contact with each other - and very quickly. If you have read The Reset Button document, and resonate with it, then you know we have the first workable plan and strategy to make the giant leap to a government of the People, by the People, and for the People. Please sign The Reset Button document and contact as many people as you can.

The Reset Button Candidate Position Issues Contact:

The Reset Button Candidate Position Issues section of The Reset Button Document is a work-in-progress, and will be worked-on until the moment it needs to be released to candidates, in order for them to rate their agreement or disagreement with each topic, and to write their Position Paper covering all the topics.

The Candidate Position Issues section is meaningless if we do not make The Reset Button first step (Election Reform) happen. At this late date, all of our energy needs to be focused on The Reset Button.

The Candidate Position Issues section lists major topics of reform, and mandates that candidates must write down their positions on those topics. A successful candidate might completely agree, completely disagree, or fall between the extremes on any topic - but for the first time ever, we will actually know where candidates stand on critically important issues before the election. So, Candidate Position Issues is very important, mostly because it forces the candidates to expose their position on each topic, regardless what the topic author's position is.

Recognizing the urgency of directing 99.9% of our energy towards Election Reform (via The Reset Button plan and strategy), if you still want to provide help on writing/editing the Candidate Position Issues topics, contact:

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Please read, sign, and share The Reset Button. That is our first step toward self-governance. We have to spread the idea of US citizens gaining control of US elections, that it can be done, and that there is a plan and strategy to take elections away from the Elite. It will only happen if we make it happen. It starts by sharing the idea - please share this website and The Reset Button document with at least 10 people. Start the dialog. Remember: When citizens finally control elections... citizens will finally control governance.