Message to Activists...

A message to Activists:

How can we thank you enough? When the media deliberately ignored the real news stories, you have been our eyes and ears in the field. You sounded the alarm in countless alarming situations - from human rights, to animal rights, from financial crimes to environmental crimes, from disinformation to suppressed information, from half-hearted peace negotiations to war atrocities.

And that was only the beginning. You went face-to-face and toe-to-toe with anyone with whom you could gain close access, and protested and reported from the street when access was denied. You went to Bush's ranch in Crawford and chained yourselves to the White House fence. You stood in protest in the blazing sun, the drenching rain, and the biting cold. You banged on keyboards, made phone calls, rallied others, created signs, shouted until hoarse, stood in front of cameras and microphones and shared your insights. You created websites, wrote stories, did interviews, networked and shared. You filmed and recorded audio, taught yourself to edit, and produced compelling videos. You confronted authority. You locked arms, sat in defiance, endured sound canons and water canons and tear gas and rubber bullets and billy clubs. You climbed trees and stood in front of bulldozers. You gave your energy, your enthusiasm, your compassion, your passion, and your love. You stood up to intimidation without backing down. You risked arrest, and sometimes lost your freedom. You endured being handcuffed and zip-tied, shoved and dragged, fingerprinted, mug-shot, stripped naked, deloused, humiliated, booked, and jailed. Some of you have been imprisoned. Some of you even lost your lives. How can we ever thank you enough?

I have no pretense of being a real activist. I have been physically involved in only a handful of protests, donated a little bit of money and time, fed the troops Occupying locally.

Back near the end of Dick Cheney and George W Bush's horrific first four years in charge of our nation, in desperation, I went door-to-door trying to help the other 'Skull & Bones'-man, the other Financial Elite pre-selected candidate, take away their job - to no avail. Diebold likely programmed the winning margin and the Financial Elite pre-selected the winner. After several years of signing petitions, calling and writing to Senators and Representatives, with absolutely no indication that it did any good, I completely gave up. As did many people, I believed Barack Obama would usher in change. Of course he didn't, but he gave us one great gift: he demonstrated - beyond any shadow of doubt - that the 2-party system has but one overlord: the Financial Elite.

Like most people not mesmerized by American Idol and 'reality' TV, I sat dumbfounded as the Patriot Act and then the Espionage Act of 1917 got invoked - and we lost more and more of our freedoms. I had been studying the Constitution, wondering just exactly what it would take to actually put citizens in control of the US, and take control away from the Ruling Elite. Bradley Manning's arrest, for whistleblowing, (if they can prove it), spurred me to call Quantico to try to find out how they were justifying torturing a suspect. I wrote it down, an activist friend published it, and I was given encouragement to pound on the keyboard some more.

Eighteen months of researching, writing, and editing, and the result was published early last July (2011) as The Reset Button. You are a mouse-click away from The Reset Button, revision 2. It is what I have to offer, and I offer it humbly to the real activists that can 'activate' it, and explode it onto the consciousness of America. I do not have a network of contacts. You do. I believe with my heart and soul that we now have a legal blueprint, a brilliant plan, and a powerful strategy to put the ordinary citizens of the US into all positions of power in the US. And, when we do, your words, your activism, your passion and compassion, - whether your focus is on waging peace, reforming education, eco-sanity, clean energy, social justice, organic foods, alternative medicine, universal health, personal freedom, sovereignty, and privacy - will no longer fall on deaf ears. The possibilities are limitless, once we throw-off the chains of the Financial Elite and their minions.

With gratitude and love, and in solidarity,

Dennis T Leahy

Please read and share The Reset Button document. It does not replace your activism - it provides a way to ensure that your activism is not in vain.