A Message to Christians...

A message to Christians in the United States.

Roughly 70% of US citizens have said that they are Christian or identify with Christian ideals. That's potentially the largest voting block in the United States. Any idea how much power you have?

As a group, Christians have one major weakness and one major flaw.

The major flaw is being too damn nice. The major weakness is loyalty.

How can 'too nice' be a problem? It becomes a problem when you feel compelled to be nice even when the proper emotion is anger. Anger that needs to be expressed - the way that Jesus got angry at the international bankers, er, I mean 'money-lenders', in the temple. Anger that needs to be expressed when our elected leaders (who are actually chosen by the modern money-lenders), are in bed with the money-lenders. Anger that needs to be expressed when our elected leaders aid and abet the money-lenders while the money-lenders steal from us and our children's children. Anger that needs to be expressed when the money-lenders use coercion and demand mountains of gold with the threat to destroy the economy if they did not get their payoff. Anger that needs to be expressed when the money-lenders plot and scheme and create deliberately confusing "financial instruments" called 'derivatives', in order to deliberately bundle and resell massive quantities of known bad loans - bad loans deliberately made through 'predatory financing', and then try to lay the blame on the working poor. Anger that needs to be expressed when the money-lenders are poised to deliberately burst the (now, $700 trillion dollar!) derivative 'bubble' that they intentionally created - destroying at least the US dollar and the US economy - as a gambit to further their financial domination.

The same money-lenders that just foreclosed on 11,000,000 homes. Yes, eleven million US homes. Your homes. Your neighbor's homes. And they are just getting warmed-up. When they decide it is strategically the right time to burst the derivative bubble (financial analysts say it could be immediately), 90% of US citizens will be in danger of losing their homes. Our homes.

How angry would Jesus be at the modern-day money-lenders, and the elected officials that drive their getaway car? Angry enough to tip over the tables at elections? Angry enough to disperse the elected officials to the four winds - the same elected officials who aid and abet the money-lenders evil plans? (The money-lenders couldn't do it without them.)

So, how can loyalty be a major weakness? It appears that churches, priests, and ministers have either been silent, or have been too quiet as the United States has rained-down terror upon innocent women and children in foreign nations. Whether done in supposed misinformed retaliation for crimes they did not commit, or done in fear, the United States is responsible for the deaths of well over one million Iraqi citizens - the vast majority being women and children, and the elderly. Jesus said to "love your neighbor as yourself", and even if anyone from Iraq would have been involved in harming US citizens, I would guess that Jesus is more likely to have said, "turn the other cheek" than, "bomb the hell out of them with depleted uranium!"

Churches, priests, and ministers have either been silent, or have been too quiet as the United States elected officials rubber-stamped wars of imperialist aggression. It appears that too many Christians have been more loyal to the silent priests and ministers, or to elected officials, or to political parties...than to Christ's teachings. A misplaced loyalty. But, it's not too late. It is the eleventh hour, but it is not too late to snap out of it, and recognize the task at hand, the path to follow the teachings of Christ. Christians follow Christ - not priests and ministers and elected officials and political parties. We have a lot of work to do to cure the sick, to feed the hungry, to help the poor, to comfort the dying, and to promote Christ's teachings of love, and forgiveness, and peace. A really good start would be removing all of the current elected and appointed officials - the agents of the international banks and their corporations - immediately, before they get the chance to play their end-game gambit and destroy the economy, which would put us all into survival mode. Then, we elect only people with no ties to corporations and banks, people with hearts full of integrity and compassion, instead of greed.

Thank you, in advance, for your support of The Reset Button - the only way I have seen proposed by anyone to legally and non-violently take back the control of United States elections and United States governance, away from the money-lenders and give it back to United States citizens.

Love and peace to all,

Dennis T Leahy

Please read The Reset Button document, sign it, and spread the word as quickly as possible. If you read the first part of The Reset Button document, you'll clearly see how the money-lenders have taken over the electoral system in the US, ensuring that they stay in control no matter who you vote for. You'll see why action is required immediately to remove them from power.

Fear is the most powerful weapon employed by the money-lenders to gain and maintain control over us. To get a good idea how the psychology of fear can be used to control good people , an excellent resource is the (free) online documentary film "PsyWar", exploring psychological operations ('psyops'.)