Message to All US Citizens...

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A message to all ordinary Citizens of The United States:

Well, here we are. You and me. It has come down to this, just like (in the back of our minds) we always suspected it would.

No cavalry is coming. Can't vote our way out of this mess. Can't just mind our own business and ignore the takeover of the US government by corporate representatives, (who, of course, actually represent the Financial Elite that own the corporations.) Nope, we can't ignore them any longer. They brought the fight (literally) to our doorsteps.

We also can't pretend that we can ask, beg, or demand anything of our 'selected' officials. Well, we can ask, we can beg, and we can demand all we want - but it won't do any good. They don't work for us. We did not sponsor them into power, and they know it. They know who their sponsors are. They know who they work for. They know if they do as they are told (by the corporations that sponsor them), that they will remain in power. They don't listen to us at all any more.

Hey, anybody have any great ideas about what to do with this infestation of petty tyrant rulers, who take their marching orders from the international banking cabal?

Since no one answered that question when I asked it (other than saying that they would vote for third party candidates - unfortunately, using our proven fraudulent, rigged, electoral system), I decided to research just exactly what it would take. After eighteen months of intensive research, The Reset Button document was published in July 2011. I mistakenly thought I could just hand it to some activists - as if the activists had the connections, the conviction, and the courage - but no plans. Well, they do have their own plans.

I have such a deep respect for activists, (real, in-the-street activists, not just keyboard activists like me), that it is difficult to say it, but I have not yet seen any activist's plans that could work in 2012, 2013, 2014... Well, let me qualify that statement: the Occupy folks, among other activist groups, do understand very well the ground-up (bottom-up) approach, and I fully agree that they are right in focusing efforts on it. In fact, no matter what, a bottom-up, community-based approach is essential to an overall winning strategy. But, a bottom-up approach cannot solve any of the huge national issues - for that, we need to add (not substitute, add) a top-down approach.

Activism has changed from what may have been effective 20 to 50 years ago. Politicians no longer listen at all to protesters and demonstrators - other than to quickly hurl new legislation at them - outlawing protest activities, restricting areas of protest, and herding protesters off to fringe zones (or to jail.) All demonstrations, all protests, all marches, all petitions, all blogs, all alternative newscasts directed at Congress and the White House now fall on deaf ears. We are literally shouting at the castle walls. Inside the castle, they are listening intently to lobbyists (the mouthpieces of the Financial Elite), sipping champagne with them, and gazing at their fat wallets.

So, as much as I love and admire and am grateful to activists, if they don't change their tactics, then we ordinary citizens are all that are left. It is literally up to us. We either force the crooked politicians out and fill their positions with ordinary citizens with no ties to corporations and banks (that is the goal of The Reset Button), or else the international bankers win - and take over the United States 100%.

I don't know about you, but I am not comfortable getting thrown into the role of an activist. I think (in spite of the fact that we are the most 'armed & dangerous' citizens in any country), we are generally just not very confrontational. Hell, many of us are obese couch potatoes, addicted to junk food and swallowing psychotropic medications daily, to cope. Unbelievable as it may sound, we don't have to count those folks out. Many have jobs in the exact corporations we are targeting, and can effectively participate as warriors by staying at home and participating in the General Strike.

I honestly have no idea if there are enough of us ordinary citizens that will take the extraordinary actions (General Strike, Boycott, Divestment) to win the war against the international bankers taking over America. What do you think? I know there are thousands of us that would try, but we need probably at least tens of thousands of workers on strike simultaneously, maybe even hundreds of thousands.

If we try, probably the greatest risk is losing jobs. If we don't try, the greatest risk is losing America to the international banking cartel. Yes, they are quite serious and poised for the kill. When the derivatives bubble pops, we instantly go into a worldwide depression. It is artificial, it is engineered as a tactic by the international bankers, but if we do nothing, we will very quickly find out how they can take the US dollar and make Monopoly money out of it - in a brilliant chessboard move that gives them complete control in the aftermath. They don't mind losing a few trillion dollars - because the prize is complete control over the USA. Complete control of the United States is the final puzzle piece they need to create the New World Order they now openly brag about. (See the quote by David Rockefeller on the Home page, or listen to George Soros describe the NWO agenda here and here.)

If we try, and we are successful, we can take away their "financial neutron bomb": popping the derivative bubble and making the US dollar and interrelated currencies nearly worthless - so they can institute and solely control a One World Currency - with fractional reserve intact, and money flowing into their vaults. Legislation (The Monetary Reform Act) is completely written and ready for us ordinary citizens to implement - to take away the power of the international bankers and restore money creation and control to the US Treasury (as per the US Constitution.) Even if they pop the bubble before we citizens can gain control of governance, as long as we do gain control of our governance, we can immediately negate the power of their destructive weapon.

Simply because no one else did it, I pulled all of this information together (with information from the brightest minds I could tap into), and synthesized The Reset Button, including the plan and strategy to win. I wish I was more like William Wallace (as depicted in Braveheart), and could shout to you all, "I see a whole army of my countrymen, here, in defiance of tyranny. What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?"

We brag, in the US, about being the "home of the brave." I sure hope it is true.

And so, reluctantly, I have to ask you, my fellow ordinary citizen, "Will you fight?"

Please, at least read the beginning pages of The Reset Button document, and see if you are ready to just give up and let the international bankers take complete control of the US, or if you are willing to fight.

You can all of us know how you feel by signing The Reset Button document... and sharing it.

With love, passion, and compassion,

Dennis T Leahy

Please read, sign, and share The Reset Button document. Facebook sharing is good, email sharing is even better, phone calls better yet, and eye-to-eye with family, friends, and neighbors is the very best way to share. Share it immediately, or it won't matter. Share it as if you're a warrior in a financial war, (you are), and this is your most potent defense.