Message to the Financial Elite...

A message to the Financial Elite:
We are going to show you what it means to be truly rich - to be enriched with love and compassion, to embrace all of life and every living organism on this planet.
  • ▼ We will end the war paradigm, the war-for-profit paradigm, the war economy. We will encourage those industrialists known as the 'military industrial complex' to immediately switch to engineering, creating, and manufacturing life-affirming and life supporting goods - or wither and disappear. We will not be a nation whose claim to fame is being the prime source of weapons and surveillance technology for the world. We will greatly reduce the size of the US military, redirect their efforts towards only defense, and create a Department of Peace in the US government - actually focused on 'peace' and not a snide Orwellian doublespeak deliberate reversal of the meaning of 'peace' - to ensure that any potential conflict is resolved peacefully and without the use of force.
  • ▼ We will clean up the toxic mess you have left behind, and alter the processes of manufacturing and extracting, to extract resources and manufacture goods in the cleanest and most responsible manner possible, because we know that is part of the true cost of extracting resources and manufacturing goods. We will discard the 'planned obsolescence' paradigm in engineering and manufacturing, and create long-lasting and high-quality goods that honor the full cycle from raw materials and human labor through the longest possible 'life cycle' through the eventual return of the materials back through the cycle as raw materials.
  • ▼ We will bring the soil back to life, bring the waters back to pure, bring the skies back to clear, and halt the species extinctions. We know that living soil, clean water, and clean air are the basis for healthy life - human and non-human alike.
  • ▼ We will create a real revolution in agriculture - a true green revolution - embracing organic farming methods and eliminating chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and genetically engineered species - thus providing healthful, nutrient-dense food to all - eliminating the vast majority of human-created disease. We will negate all patents on life forms, and destroy all existing genetically modified organisms - and ban their production.
  • ▼ We will create a real revolution in health care, exposing the greed-driven pharmaceutical industry for its malignant behavior, reversing the suppression of alternate healing modalities and technologies, embracing herbal and natural remedies, restoring the rights of each person to full sovereignty of informed choice - and provide honest and accurate information to allow those informed choices.
  • ▼ We will end poverty. Not a slogan in a campaign, fading to invisible and silent after an election, we will end poverty. We will provide the assistance to bring the disenfranchised, the homeless, the destitute, the mentally ill tossed to the street, back from the brink, to full health and dignity, and provide housing, food, clothing and employment opportunities. And, we will remain vigilant to make sure no one 'falls through the cracks' ever again.
  • ▼ We will vastly narrow the chasm of wealth disparity, embracing and encouraging business models that hold to an ethical range of earning potential for the entire workforce, supporting real opportunity for workers sharing in ownership and profits - leaving room for those driven to achieve and attain 'more' without exploiting others, and guaranteeing a true living wage. Businesses that seek to 'offshore' labor to the detriment of both US citizen workforce as well as those exploited in other countries will no longer be welcome to do business on US soil.
  • ▼ We will free all animals from 'factory farming' inhumane, unhealthy, caged and tortured conditions - for the animals' health and dignity, and for the health of the omnivorous people who eat meat.
  • ▼ We are going to have a real revolution in energy. We are going to abandon filthy, ecocidal, dangerous, and destructive fossil fuels and current nuclear technology. We are going to embrace and promote only the greenest and most decentralized energy-production technologies, and become divorced from a metered grid, wherever possible. We are going to bring forth new, non-polluting, alternative energy-production technologies - such as zero-point energy - that have been officially suppressed or that have not been given adequate funding to create. We are going to do this as non-patented, open-source technology, and if US citizens do it first on the world stage, we are going to gift these technologies to the people of the world.
  • ▼ We are going to remove all barriers, all impediments, all programming, and all pre-set expectations from education. We are going to provide an incredible environment for learning and exploration that will excite and stimulate the creativity and imaginations of young minds. We will provide teachers who are tasked with guidance and facilitation without regimentation, rote, and repression - teachers who can help to ignite and stimulate young minds and then get out of the way. We will listen to and learn from the children, to help us modify and evolve the educational experience in ways we have not thought of yet. And, we will watch in awe as our children blossom in ways we cannot yet imagine.
  • ▼ We will end the injustice of the justice system, end the for-profit prison industry, free the political prisoners, free the whistleblowers, free all of those whose only 'crimes' were victimless (such as having taken drugs) and provide help instead. We will free those whose crimes are against property, such as being in debt, and provide ways for them to remain in society and pay back fair recompense to the victims, not to the state. We will use prisons only for holding those who truly pose a danger to society - and even then, we will show compassion and provide humane conditions.
  • ▼ We will end financial tyranny. We will end debt-based money creation, and fractional-reserve lending. We will end the Federal Reserve, and will never again allow private banking to create or control US money, but rather will folllow the US Constitutional guideline of having the Department of the Treasury perform those duties. We will modify and refine true monetary reform, banking reform, and trading reform further, with full tranparency and with the input of US citizens. We will end trading in commodities such as foodstuffs, that are required for life, and should never have been allowed to be manipulated by profit-driven motivation. We will eliminate deliberately complex and clandestine 'financial instruments', such as 'derivatives' which are exploitative. We will end predatory finance.
  • ▼ We will end the police state and the surveillance state, and end the phony 'war on terror.' We will no longer live in a fear-induced and fear-motivated society. We will remove those individuals from any positions within law enforcement who have shown repressive brutality and acceptance of the indoctrination of repression - whether this behavior comes from within them or if they have followed illegal, unethical, amoral, and unconscionable orders.
  • ▼ We will restore individual freedom and individual sovereignty.

It is time to enter a new era. You can go kicking and screaming, or you can go gracefully - that option is yours to decide. I'll wager that humanity is going to surprise you all, in a pleasant way. Once we have a chance to get our bearings, detoxify our bodies and clear our conscious and unconscious minds, clear our psyches of fear and fear-induced trauma, we're going to fill this blue gem, this garden planet with joy, love, and compassion. Not exactly the Novus Ordo Seclorum you were working towards, - it's going to be a good one for all of humanity


Please read The Reset Button document, and step aside. The Financial Elite, the Ruling Elite, the old family bloodlines that have ruled this planet have done an awful job. We're under new management now: We the People.