Message to Occupiers...

A message to members of Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Movement:
(If Occupy starts back up: I would be honored if this is read at General Assemblies.)

The timing, the target, and the accuracy of the message from Occupy Wall Street was nothing short of brilliant.

Timing: I'm not sure whether the AdBusters folks (that spurred the creation of Occupy Wall Street) were aware that the international banking cartel has been building up to a grand finale of torpedoing the US dollar, the US economy, and all the world economies that are interlinked, but Occupy Wall Street was birthed just in time - at the eleventh hour, but still in time to take action against the financial war plans of the international bankers.

Target: With so many areas, so many critically important areas, for activists to focus on - including war, poverty, environment, unemployment, GMO foods, health care, and the issues more easily linked with banking such as home foreclosures and bank bailout scams, it was an act of intense clarity that the Occupation Movement targeted "Wall Street", the visible symbol and reality of the financial war crimes of the international banking cartel.

Accuracy: The terms "1 percent" and "99 percent" are brilliant in honing the wide financial sector target down to the accurate observation of a very small percentage of Financial Elite that are the source of all of the problems. The one-percent is the Financial Elite, and the top 1% of the 1% is the international banking cartel.

Rather than 'all roads lead to Rome', in this case, all roads lead to the Financial Elite. For a prime example, the US war economy is no accident, and did not rise organically: it was created, directed, and nurtured by the Financial Elite. The use of war as a tool to make money and acquire power is as old as civilization, but the current Financial Elite have fostered and control the greatest military power in Earth's history, and have created a guaranteed endless war - an endless economic stream into their vaults - by creating the so-called 'war on terror.' This one aspect alone, of the Financial Elite, clearly shows the depraved indifference to life - any life - to the level of sociopathy in action: psychopathy. Humanity, or at least 99.9% of humanity, has a common enemy: The psychopathic international banking cartel, the tip-top of the pyramid - and the giant multinational corporations and even governments that they control. The Financial Elite now have nearly complete control over the US government. The Financial Elite have declared war on humanity, and they take no prisoners.

I believe that the Occupy Movement has awakened about as many as will be awakened. The specific actions and emphasis of each Occupation are the responsibility and the right of the participants, but allow me to voice the observation that we have already proven to ourselves and to the awakened public that the current US government (representing the Financial Elite) has no intention whatsoever of listening to and responding to the will of the people. We can effect no change at all from outside the castle walls. We need to storm the castle.

We can try to storm the castle physically, and meet the most well-armed surveillance and police state in the history of the world, resulting in a loss of our lives and freedom (and ultimately fail in our goal anyway), or we can be brilliant, and storm the castle with our minds: legally, non-violently, and with the support of the vast majority of the American public. That is, by using The Reset Button plan and strategy.

The Occupation Movement has been brilliant in refusing to be 'pinned down' to one single issue, because it helped to raise awareness that there are multiple, critical issues - and allowed for a wide range of participants and supporters in the Occupation Movement. Supporting the plan and strategy of The Reset Button does not dismiss any issues, but rather is a framework to put ordinary US citizens - you and me - in a position to actually address those issues.

The timing is critical, because the international bankers are about to spring their trap - they are about to pop the $700 trillion dollar 'derivatives' bubble, and crush the US dollar, the US economy, and all that is connected financially. If we are indecisive, or if we fail to act, we will soon be in survival mode beyond the Great Depression. In survival mode, we have no chance at all to gain control of our governance. Occupy Wall Street named the villain. The plan and strategy of The Reset Button removes the villain from power.

Thank you from the marrow of my bones for having the courage and tenacity to be the Occupiers in the Occupation Movement. Please accept my contribution - The Reset Button - a powerful plan and brilliant strategy (that I synthesized from many of the most brilliant minds, with the highest integrity) and help to immediately take the decisive steps to remove the Financial Elite and Power Elite from controlling us.

With love, and in solidarity,

Dennis T Leahy

Please read, sign, and spread The Reset Button. Step 1 is actively causing it to immediately 'go viral.' This is critical, and needs your help. Please.