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Reset Button Full
The Reset Button document (full) PDF
This is the full The Reset Button document, revision 3.0. The Reset Button is strictly focused on "Election Reform" (which is really complete and comprehensive electoral paradigm transformation.) All of the other (over 2 dozen) major issues - that candidates would be mandated to address in writing - are found in the Candidate Position Issues document.

This document provides the foundation for understanding why electoral paradigm transformation needs to be the #1 goal of US citizens.

Reset Button Exec Summary
The Reset Button document (executive summary) PDF
This is a very abbreviated summary of The Reset Button document, but does not include the text of the Election Reform amendment or the Election Reform bill (which everyone should read.)

Reset Button Candidate Position Issues
The Reset Button Candidate Position Issues PDF
This document presents over two dozen issues that each candidate would be required to address, in writing. These Candidate Position Issues papers, submitted by all candidates, would then allow voters to know each candidate's position on each of these issues, as well as to provide citizens a concrete way to measure each official's performance - once elected.

Sample - Candidate Position Issues submission PDF
Sample - Candidate Position Issues submission PDF
This is a sample of what a submission might look like, from one candadate, on one issue. This will give an idea of what information voters will have, in writing, to assess each candidate's position on this issue - and to be able to compare each candidate's position to the voter's own position. Each issue (critical at the time of each election) must be addressed by each candidate - for a true 'apples-to-apples' comparison of candidates.

Sample - Voter Ballot PDF
Sample - Voter Ballot PDF
This is a sample of what one page of a voter ballot might look like. The Election Reform Act, presented in The Reset Button document, mandates Congress to create a uniform ballot for all voting. If not completed by Congress in time for the election, then this sample becomes an addendum to The Reset Button document.

Sample - Voter Issue  submission PDF
Sample - Voter Issue submission PDF
This is a sample of what a submission might look like, from one voter, for the issues highlighted in the current election (in the Candidate Position Issues.) This would be optional, and in addition to an election ballot (but would be required to qualify for Voter Compensation.) This would provide a way for elected officials to gain an initial "pulse" on the views of their constuitency. These submissions from voters would also be tallied by election officials/judges, and results published and made available to all elected officials within the jurisdiction.


Please read, sign, and share The Reset Button. That is our first step toward self-governance. We have to spread the idea of US citizens gaining control of US elections, that it can be done, and that there is a plan and strategy to take elections away from the Elite. It will only happen if we make it happen. It starts by sharing the idea - please share this website and The Reset Button document with at least 10 people. Start the dialog. Remember: When citizens finally control elections... citizens will finally control governance.