The Reset Button Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: What is The Reset Button?
A: The Reset Button is a movement, a plan, and a strategy to get all money, all influence, and all control of the Financial Elite out of U.S. elections. The Reset Button is a plan for ordinary U.S. citizens to completely gain control U.S. governance - for the first time in the history of the United States.

The Reset Button unites us all in the recognition that we have lost our sovereignty, we have lost our self-governance to politicians that really represent multinational corporations and international banks, not citizens. Other than the Financial Elite and their bought-and-paid-for politicians, every US citizen can support the idea of making elections fair and honest. All citizens of the United States want sovereignty and self-governance brought about by real elections that prohibit the Financial Elite from controlling the elections. It is the one thing that all US citizens can agree upon. For the first time, ever, we have identified a goal that everyone can agree on - and we can unite to take this first critical step. We can take that step together. 320 million of us can take that step together. If we do, we will not be stopped. We will succeed.

Q: Where is The Reset Button organization?
A: There is (deliberately) no physical organization, no bank account, no headquarters. The Reset Button is a movement, not an organization. The movement is sustained in your heart and in your mind, if you support The Reset Button. The Reset Button is a movement based on a written plan and strategy to one extremely powerful goal, not a movement centered on an organization. Organizations can be subverted, infiltrated, and destroyed. This is a different kind of movement, based on the information within the Reset Button document, that shows US citizens how to finally gain control of our own governance and shake off the control by the rich. The Reset Button has no organization that can be targeted by the agents of the current Ruling Elite. That is one of the strengths of the movement.

Q: How can I donate?
A: You cannot donate money - this movement is not about money. Money won't help. This movement is about US citizens gaining control of our own governance, taking that control away from the Financial Elite.

Give your commitment. Give your time and your passion, not your money. Spread The Reset Button document.

Q: Who is in charge? Who is the leader of The Reset Button movement?
A: You are. We all are. This is what is known as a "Holographic", "Fractal" or "Horizontal" movement. The Reset Button is a "Headless" movement - every member and every supporter is equal, we are all the leader. This is another one of the strengths of the movement - neutralizing any members of the movement leaves every other member still leading the movement. The leader of the movement is any member with a copy of the Reset Button document - that clearly defines our goal, plan, and strategy.

Step-up and take a stronger leadership role when you can; step back when you want. We have a document that unites us, and that clearly defines solid goals that will create a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. This isn't going to be spread by the mainstream media - so, at first, your leadership role is in spreading The Reset Button document. We need your leadership and your support!

Q: Why will The Reset Button movement succeed, when so many other movements have failed?
A: This has never been done before. This is a different kind of movement. Typically, most political movements either:
  1.) have a poorly defined goal, plan, or strategy (plenty of passion and compassion, but the goal, plan, or strategy is too hazy to succeed), or
  2.) are focused on one important issue that cannot really be achieved until we the people are in control of our own governance. This is the most common wall that movements hit. We must get ordinary citizens into ALL elected and appointed positions, first - only then can we achieve our other important goals.

The Reset Button is different. First, it is not a political movement, but rather is an "apolitical" movement, as it will abolish the divisive political bickering and polarization of the current partisan political stage show - that the Financial Elite control both sides of. The Reset Button goes right to the heart of the matter, providing a clearly defined, legally formatted, fully articulated goal (true election reform - a Constitutional amendment and a law to ensure true election reform.) Make no mistake - this is comprehensive, electoral paradigm transformation, NOT some weak, proposed solution (such as just a focus on campaign finance reform) that cannot achieve our goal. Achieving that single goal will give us the critical self-governance that is required to do anything else significant. We will then have ordinary citizens with no ties to corporations or banks in all elected and appointed offices.

Q: "What is the Candidate Position Issues document, and why is it important?"
A: Activists are divided on which issue is the most critical to address first. The truth is, those currently in power don't really care and won't fix anything. We citizens will have to fix everything ourselves. But, we have to get citizens into power, first. Then we ordinary citizens can look from a citizen-centric and eco-centric perspective - and we can and we will solve these issues.

Candidate Position Issues is a group of over two dozen essays, on the major issues facing us - the same issues that activists are trying so hard to get addressed. We don't just need ordinary citizens without corporate ties in all positions of power, we need to know where each candidate stands on these critical issues. So, candidates will be required to submit a Position Paper describing their agreement or disagreement with each Issue covered. Consider it as a group of topics that candidates must address - so that candidates cannot hide their views on these topics.

Candidate Position Issues lists the major issues that all candidates must address, in writing. The Candidate Position Issues section lays-out specifics of reforms that are the heart and soul of our various movements and protests in the US. Candidates do not need to agree with the reforms as argued, but for the first time ever in an election, we will select from among a cluster of non-partisan candidates that are mandated to address these issues and provide their position. The Candidate Position Issues section shows the scope of change we can achieve once The Reset Button's primary goal has been met, when we are finally dealing with true representatives of the ordinary citizens of the US and not representatives of multinational corporations and international banks.

Q: "But, I'm a socialist...", or "But I'm an anarchist...", or "But I'm a libertarian..."
A: The Reset Button is the first and only attempt to actually, completely stop the Financial Elite from controlling elections and thus our governance. That means, no matter what you support, ultimately you either recognize this as a critical step that must be taken for any change to be even discussed, or you help the Financial Elite remain in total control by refusing to try. Seems like a 'no-brainer' to recognize that we need to take control away from the self-serving Financial Elite first.

The USA is a constitutional republic - in theory, on paper - and a corporatocracy or plutocracy in reality. We have unrestrained capitalism, and a tiny bit of socialism or social democracy (social security, public schools, libraries, roads, bridges, fire departments, etc.) The success of The Reset Button would mean that US citizens have had enough of rule by the Financial Elite. We should all know by now that as long as the rich get to pre-select the candidates for the ballot, that the agenda of the rich will be fulfilled, not the will of the people. The Elite control everything, including all mass media and education, even down to having control of language! Words like "socialism" and "anarchism" have been demonized and made poisonous by the Ruling Elite (that are sociopathic capitalists.) We, as a nation, cannot even begin to discuss these concepts until ordinary citizens control governance.

Do you want the status quo (corporatocracy/plutocracy) maintained? If yes, do nothing, they have the situation well in hand. If you really want some changes - big, fundamental changes in governance - then support The Reset Button as the first step, the critical step. Once citizens control governance, we can finally make other big changes - per the will of the people.

The Reset Button will sound scary to plutocrats, corporatists, sociopathic and predatory capitalists - the rest of us should be thrilled to gain control, and to take control from the Financial Elite.

Q: "I don't want citizen representatives, that is not far enough - I want direct democracy! I can't support this."
A: We know for sure that if we do not take the control of elections (and thus our governance) away from the Financial Elite, that things will remain as they are (which is as far from direct democracy as it gets.) We want control over our own governance and we now know a lot of things that absolutely do not work to get there (voting in the present system, petitioning, contacting congresspersons, protesting, etc.)

The Reset Button does not guarantee direct democracy, or even guarantee better interactivity between representatives and constituents. However, currently these doors are slammed shut and locked, and with the success of The Reset Button, they will be open. One item in the Candidate Position Issues deals specifically with new ways to find the consensus of the people (constituents) being represented, and whether the candidate believes more in representing the consensus (even if they personally disagree with the consensus), or believe more in their autonomy. For candidates, there will be no escaping this issue - voters will know where each candidate stands on representation. And you, as a voter, can choose each candidate that comes closest to your views on direct democracy.

Q: "Isn't this just more electoral politics? I don't believe in electoral politics! There is no electoral solution!"
A: You're right! There is no electoral solution. (We can NEVER vote our way out of this mess.) On first blush, The Reset Button may appear to be based on simple electoral reform. It is not.

You are bright enough to see that electoral politics - as usual - simply swaps one Financial Elite selected, Financial Elite sponsored corporatist for another. Good. You're getting warmer. In fact, your brain is working. You have probably already given up voting altogether, or you are, reluctantly, a "lesser of two evils" voter - you half-heartedly go to the polls and vote for whatever appears to be the lesser of two evils, or vote against the political party you believe to be the worst.

You have correctly identified the problem, but not the solution. There is no electoral solution, as long as the electoral system remains as it is. The only real solution is completely changing the electoral system, by completely removing the control of the Financial Elite. Note that we need to remove ALL of the control of the Financial Elite, not just their money.

Instead of going to the polls to choose between a corporatist Democrat and a corporatist Republican (that have been very careful not to really reveal that they have bought-into the corporatist agenda), imagine going to the polls to choose from among 10 non-partisan candidates (no more political parties), each of whom is vetted to have no corporate ties, with equally publicly-funded campaigns for candidates, and where candidates have had to express - in writing - their position on over two dozen critical issues. Now, that's a whole new ball game - true comprehensive electoral paradigm transformation, not just some minor tweak like campaign finance reform.

Q: "I found something in The Reset Button document or in the Candidate Position Issues section or on this website that I strongly disagree with. I can't support this."
A: No one will agree with all that is written in The Reset Button document, the companion document (Candidate Position Issues), and the website. You're not asked to agree with everything. You're asked to simply make a decision whether you want the United States to continue being controlled by the Financial Elite - with their embedded agents pretending to be our representatives - or whether you have had enough of rule by the rich and want US citizens to finally gain self-governance. That's it. Do you or do you not want ordinary US citizens representing US citizens?

You're not being asked to agree with anything at all in the Candidate Position Issues topics/essays - but you are asked to agree that candidates should be forced to provide their positions, in writing, on all of these topics. You are being asked to agree that you want fair and honest elections, taking all control over elections away from the Financial Elite and putting all the control in the hands of ordinary US citizens. That's it, period. Support real Election Reform or the Financial Elite will stay in control - forever.

The topics covered in the Candidate Position Issues section will have to be addressed by candidates. They won't be able to just smile pretty and avoid the big issues. With the success of The Reset Button (US citizens controlling - strictly publicly funded - US elections), you will actually know who to vote for because they have to write down their positions. Maybe they will strongly disagree with exactly the same thing you do. Great, you finally found a candidate that shares your views - vote for them.

Remember that no one will agree with all of Candidate Position Issues essays, including the politicians that will be required to write a Position Paper describing their agreement or disagreement with each topic covered. Consider it as just a list of topics that candidates must address - so that candidates cannot hide their views on these topics.

Q: "But, I'm a Democrat, I can't support this!" - or - "But, I'm a Republican, I can't support this!"
A: Not one single piece of citizen-centric legislation has passed Congress in many decades. Note that hundreds of pieces of corporate-centric legislation have passed in the same decades. This is the proof that your party has been quietly overtaken by the Financial Elite. The Financial Elite often donate vast amounts of money to both the Democrat and Republican candidate - guaranteeing that the Financial Elite will have a representative in power.

You have ethics, morals, ideals, and integrity - and that is what led you to choose your party. Besides the fact that your party is in the pocket of the Financial Elite, there are the problems associated with partisan politics in Congress. Everything is a compromise, everything is a deal, nothing can ever be strictly based on ethics, morals, ideals, and integrity. Elected officials are always worried about reelection, and that means compromising to other partisan politicians for their support, and worse, appeasing the corporations of the Financial Elite for their support.

Imagine if you did not have to compromise your own ethics, morals, ideals, and integrity when you vote. That you no longer need to vote against the other party or vote for the lesser of two evils. Imagine selecting a non-partisan candidate (out of ten) that best expresses your views, and giving them your vote. That is the goal of The Reset Button.

Q: "But, I'm a Green Party (or other third party) member, I can't support this!"
A: The electoral paradigm is designed to keep the two party system intact. Proof? Not one member of your third party has ever gained a seat in Congress. Not one. So, one would be a near miracle, and a dozen would be a mega-miracle. Would a dozen be enough to affect any domestic or foreign policy, pass a law, or stop a bill from being passed?

Your party is citizen-centric. Good. You want the citizen-centric viewpoint not only to be represented in Congress, but you actually want to create citizen-centric (and eco-centric) policy. Good. However, to pass one single bill in Congress would require that 67 Senators from your Party PLUS 290 Representatives from your Party be elected simultaneously. That's the honest truth. You need to literally elect 357 congresspersons, simultaneously, to affect any change at all. Three hundred and fifty seven. This will never, ever happen in the current electoral paradigm and with the Financial Elite in control of all mass media - guaranteeing that the Democrat and Republican candidates are the only ones who get favorable airtime and print coverage (protecting the status quo of the duopoly that they control.)

The Reset Button's Election Reform is the only chance, the only way, that citizen-centric candidates will ever get elected in the numbers required to pass citizen-centric and eco-centric legislation.

Q: "There is already a better solution in the works."
A: Actually, there is not, or The Reset Button would never have been conceived. It is true that there are a number of groups - some very successful with fundraising and lots of signatures on petitions - that say they have the answer to solving the problem(s) with elections. Do you want to test them? Find the true, honest answer to this question:

Once your solution is implemented, who controls governance?

The true answer, sadly, is that exactly the same people - the Financial Elite and Power Elite - would still be in complete control of our governance. Why? Because 1.) the Elite pre-select the entire pool of duopoly candidates and 2.) market them on the duopoly-centric mass media that they own. Campaign finance reform alone does not even touch the two most powereful control mechanisms that the Elite have over elections.

The exact same people would still be in power, in all positions of governance, in all three branches of government - because campaign finance reform (even all the way to publicly-funded elections) is only a part of the real solution. Any plan that does not address partisan politics and the mass media (which are both more powerful tools for controlling the electoral paradigm than money) will not actually get the Elite's minions out of power and ordinary citizens into power.

The United States has been controlled by the rich since the very first Elite (rich, white, male, landowners) wrote the US Constitution and placed themselves on the ballot. Yes, the Citizens United case opened the floodgates to corporate campaign contributions, but the Financial Elite had complete control over all three branches of the US federal government far before 2009.

"Move to Amend", "Rootstrikers", and some other organizations have done good work. They woke people up and got people committed to actually try to do something about the completely rigged, Elite-centric electoral paradigm that maintains the status quo of rule by the Elite through agents selected by the Financial Elite and Power Elite. These organizations have the right idea, but don't go nearly far enough to actually accomplish our goal of having a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Unless they are (knowingly or inadvertantly) acting as "gatekeepers" for Elite, (helping to make sure that the Elite do not lose control over elections), then hopefully they will recognize the comprehensive approach of The Reset Button, can recognize that there are 9 ways that the Elite actually control elections, see that the 3 most powerful ways are not monetary, and will realize that all 9 must be shut down in order for citizens to gain control over elections - and will support The Reset Button's comprehensive plan and workable strategy.

The goal of The Reset Button is big: ordinary citizens in control of our own elections and thus in control of our own governance - the vision that Lincoln articulated as 'a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.' That is a much more powerful goal than reigning-in corporations and corporate campaign donations.

Q: "Good idea, but impossible. This will never work. People are too caught up in TV, and work, and sports, and TV, and family,... and did I mention TV. People are too selfish or too afraid or too distracted or too dependent on the system to even try. This will never work."
A: Maybe you're right. In fact, you are guaranteed to be right if we don't even try.

There is a saying, "If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you've always gotten."  Major change requires major change, and if we give up before we even try, we have zero chance to make the major change happen. As Steven Biko said, "The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." Are you really going to allow the oppressors to cause your defeat - before you even try?

Another way to look at this is to recognize that - one way or another - major change is coming, and soon. No one is going to just "ride it out." We have the opportunity to direct the rapidly approaching change, or we can choose to sit passively and allow others to direct the change. The "others" in this case are the Financial Elite, and they have created (at least) an $800 trillion dollar derivatives bubble about to burst - in addition to the inevitable economic implosion from the Federal Reserve's Ponzi scheme, US dollar devaluation, and the end of the US-controlled petrodollar. The Elite have armed their mercenary forces to deal harshly with US citizens in the financial aftermath. Note the re-signing of the Patriot Act, the passage of the NDAA and HR 347, and the NSA's now total surveillance-state - and realize that the Elite are not sitting idle (while we sit and watch American Idol.)

You didn't really think DHS and local police forces were buying millions of bullets and armored vehicles and getting heavily militarized because of a threat from outside the US, did you? We the People are seen as a threat to the Elite, and the threat level will go much higher once the (engineered) financial collapse makes millions of people desperate to survive. Anyone lost in the delusion that life is going to continue on in the same general way is in for a very rude surprise. Seems like it would be a lot more intelligent for us to recognize that we ordinary citizens should direct the change - the change that we want - rather than endure the changes that they inflict upon us.

Please read, sign, and share The Reset Button. That is our first step toward self-governance. We have to spread the idea of US citizens gaining control of US elections, that it can be done, and that there is a plan and strategy to take elections away from the Elite. It will only happen if we make it happen. It starts by sharing the idea - please share this website and The Reset Button document with at least 10 people. Start the dialog. Remember: When citizens finally control elections... citizens will finally control governance.