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The The Reset Button goal is simple: "a government of the people." US citizens gaining self-governance - governing ourselves rather than allowing agents of the Financial Elite and Power Elite to pretend to represent citizens. US elections completely controlled by ordinary US citizens, removing all of the money and power influence of the Financial Elite and Power Elite. No more corporate sponsorship of candidates. Only ordinary citizens with no ties to corporations and banks, can even run for public office. Electoral system transformation ending the duopoly by eliminating political party sponsorship. With ordinary citizens in office - representing citizens rather than corporations - We the People can solve all of the issues that Congress has refused to solve.

To repeat that critically important point: it is not just what The Reset Button goal can ultimately lead to; the goal of The Reset Button is powerful in and of itself: to change the electoral system so that only ordinary citizens without corporate ties can hold elected and appointed positions. A true, "government of the people" for the first time in the history of the United States. To completely remove all of the influence, clout, and money of the Financial Elite from the entire election process. However, it can also be considered as a 'Trojan Horse', because it also means that, (with only ordinary citizen legislators elected, representing citizens instead of corporations), all of the bad legislation that the corporate shills have enacted can be quickly repealed, and all of the critical legislation that we citizens need to protect ourselved from corporate misdeeds, (as well as all of the real reform legislation), can quickly be enacted.

Real military reform, real health care reform, real banking reform, real energy reform, real education reform, real agricultural reform... none of these reforms will ever be enacted as long as corporate-sponsored, corporate-controlled puppets are in power, and all of these reforms can finally be honestly presented to citizens for consideration once all legislators are ordinary citizens. To be clear on that final point, supporting The Reset Button does not mean you agree with any or all of the reforms suggested in the Candidate Position Issues essays - it simply means that you support mandating the discussion of those issues, without the usual corporate agenda and disinformation injected. We must know the candidate positions on real issues if we are to vote intelligently.

The Reset Button goals are one US Constitutional Amendment and one Law:

Amendment XXVIII (Election Reform Amendment) bullet points:

With the ratification of this amendment:

  • Incumbency is eliminated. Every elected and appointed office term is four years. Every four years, the slate is wiped clean. All previous elected and appointed officials depart; all new elected and appointed officials enter. No individual may ever serve more than four years in any office.
  • Judges and justices, including Supreme Court and other Federal judgeships, are retired, and judicial positions are handled as elections, not appointments. All new judges and justices will conform to the same four year term and cycle as any other elected or appointed official.
  • Collusion is legally equated with treason.
  • Corporate personhood is formally eliminated.

The Election Reform Act bullet points:

With the passage of this law:

  • Candidates for office and appointees must not be a corporate board member or stockholder in any corporation. Elected and appointed officials agree not to participate in corporate boards, banks, or stock/commodities trading firms for five years after leaving office.
  • No citizens with dual citizenship may hold elected or appointed office.
  • Candidates must meet all criteria and pay a nominal filing fee.
  • Only public money (excluding the nominal filing fees from all candidates) may be used for elections. No corporate money, no outside money, no personal money - not even from candidates - may be used.
  • To get to a reasonable number of final candidates, the entire candidate field for each office is physically randomized in a hopper, and a specific number of names are drawn.
  • Final candidates are all given equal amount of public funding, must publicly account for expenditures, and are mandated to be given equal time and prominence in all media. Mandated debates and mandated position papers present individual candidate views.
  • All voting to be on paper ballots and hand counted.
  • Vote of Confidence by Citizen Initiative provides a method of elected official recall and even 'freezing' elected official duties, and provides this uniformly from local to federal elected officials, including judges and the president.

Perhaps as important as defining what our goal is (the one we can all agree on: gaining control over our own governance), is noting what is not the goal of The Reset Button:

We must not divide ourselves by insisting that some other goal be added, or that some other goal become the primary goal. That would guarantee our failure. It is obvious that there are a number of fundamental problems that scream-out to individuals and activist groups as the one biggest problem. For you as an individual, it may be the war budget and war profiteering, or it might be predatory capitalism, it may be education or universal health care, climate or energy, poverty or pollution... You may even believe that we need to change our entire form of government from a constitutional republic to something else - with ideas ranging from a socialized resource-based economy to a Libertarian system.

It really makes no difference right now what any of us want for ultimate goals for the United States, because right now we are only flapping our jaws and no one is listening. We have to first gain self-governance, and then the real discussions can begin - citizen-to-citizen. We must not lose sight that we have no power, no authority, no control, and no representation right now. We must change that first - it must be our primary goal.

Please read The Reset Button document, which goes into greater depth on all aspects of the goal, and the logic behind each facet of the goal.