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The plan starts from a comprehensive, in-depth analysis at all of the ways that the Financial Elite, primarily through their corporations and control of both of the viable political parties, have taken over the US election process, to allow only candidates that they pre-approve - and that will serve their agenda - to even get on a ballot. The candidates that they have pre-selected (using the 2 political parties that they control) are the only ones given the massive news coverage, marketing, and advertising support (using the mainstream media corporations that they own) to even have a chance at winning. The plan is to simultaneously eliminate all of the ways that they control elections, to ensure that elections become fair and honest and so that the people elected to represent US citizens are ordinary US citizens, not owned by or sponsored by corporations - nor beholden to corporations.

In a nutshell, the plan is create a way to immediately get ordinary citizens into all elected and appointed positions in the US Federal and State and Local governments.

The plan is to finally create a government of the people, by the people, and for the people - not just a cliche saying, not just a bumper sticker, not just a banner that gets waved at us by the embedded politicians bought-and-paid-for by the Financial Elite. We the People demand that We the People take all positions of governance.

We the People, the ordinary citizens of the United States of America, recognize that we have been bamboozled, gamed, conned, lied-to, and out-foxed. We realize that the Financial Elite now control every aspect, every mechanism of the electoral process, and that even before the rigged electronic voting machines, even before the Citizens United decision was thrown at us, elections have been rigged to include only the 2 candidates that the Financial Elite have approved and anointed. The Financial Elite's candidates win every election for major office - every time, every election!

We the People now fully understand why we have no voice in governance: we have no representatives in government.

We the People now fully understand that to fulfill the will of the people (rather than the will of corporations), to accomplish all of the critically important changes in governance and the goals that we have been fighting for, we must be our own representatives in government.

The plan includes one law (the Election Reform Act) and one constitutional amendment (Amendment XXVIII (Election Reform Amendment) that will guarantee that only ordinary citizens without strings attached to corporations can even run for office, that money (corporate or personal) will be eliminated from the election process, that elections will be fair and honest, and that voters will actually know in advance of elections what the positions of all candidates are on all major issues (comparing apples-to-apples), and that there will be an effective mechanism for recalling any elected or appointed official who refuses to fulfill the vision outlined in their published positions.

Please read The Reset Button document, which goes into greater depth on all aspects of the plan and the logic behind each facet of the plan.