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The strategy starts with the creation of one law and one amendment, necessary to remove all of the mechanisms used by the Financial Elite to control US elections. The law and amendment create fair and honest elections and prevent money influence.

Because corporations will fight to retain full control of elections, the corporate-controlled politicians will not want to pass this law and ratify this amendment. It will require US citizens shutting down the major corporations, to force the politicians to enact the law and amendment that we critically need. It will require the first ever nationwide general strike, boycott, and divestment from all major corporations until the law is passed and the amendment is ratified.

  • Nationwide General Strike: There has never been a nationwide general strike in the United States. There have been several notable local general strikes (Chicago 1877, Seattle 1919, Oakland 1946, Oakland 2011) that showed how powerful the tactic can be, even though, in the end, 30 workers were dead and another 100 injured by police and military in Chicago, and some corrupt labor leaders de-fanged the second two of these strikes. The November 2nd, 2011 strike in Oakland (organized by Occupy Oakland) did achieve its goals: unification, solidarity, and the display of the power of the people to halt business as usual.

    Make no mistake: a Nationwide General Strike is by far the most powerful non-violent action that US citizens can possibly take. However, a strike without a major, strategic, tactical goal, and with a pre-set ending date, would be worse than worthless (because it would be nearly impossible to ever gain popular support for a nationwide general strike again.)

    We will have exactly one chance at this powerful action. It must be used for the one goal that will positively affect every US citizen, and give us our only chance at being the representatives - so that We the People are represented - and then We the People can make the critical changes we have all been fighting for.

    A nationwide general strike was called for when the original version of The Reset Button was published in early July, 2011. It was called-off due to lack of support, from inadequate sharing (it didn't go 'viral'.) It suffered from the 'lone voice' syndrome, when organized activists forming Occupy Wall Street and Occupy DC (October 2011 Movement) already had plans and strategies formulated. As it turns out, the plans and strategies were critical in bringing the issues to the American people (and the world.) Blended in within the movements, individual activists spoke out about numerous social and political burning issues, but brilliantly, primarily shone the light on the globalist financiers, the international bankers and their somewhat symbolic place of trade and wealth worship: Wall Street.

    The Occupation movement continues, again with brilliant clarity, to try to repair societal ills using a bottom-up, community-centered approach. We have reached a point where energy directed from the streets to the bankers, traders, corporate overlords and their political hand-picked henchmen has done as much as it could. Of course, these people are not going to 'fix' anything - from their vantage point, nothing is broken. But now an immense percentage of the American public is fully aware that
    1. the top of the pyramid (international bankers, the corporations they own, and Wall Street traders) is the primary source of all of our huge problems
    2. politicians, empowered and embedded by the bankers, aid and abet the financial sector in criminally sociopathic behavior
    3. the top of the financial and power pyramid will never change its own behavior, and in fact, will only worsen
    Bearing this third revelation in mind, mass protest should now be morphed into a mass movement to change the only people we have a chance to change: the citizens of the US. We should direct our energy towards the only effective strategy for change - we must unify the citizens of the US to get the current elected officials out of power.

    It is probably simple synchronicity that some activists have begun calling for a general strike on May 1st, as that has also been the new planned date for a Nationwide General Strike with the goal of immediate, real, electoral reform. However - and this is critical - The Reset Button's new call for a general strike has no ending date - it ends when the law (the Election Reform Act) and the amendment (Amendment XXVIII (Election Reform Amendment)) are passed and ratified. Otherwise the strike would waste our most powerful tool to force true reform.

    This Nationwide General Strike is not originating with organized labor - it is coming from the people, the ordinary citizens - which includes everyone. Some unions may officially participate; some will not. Some unions are controlled by the Financial Elite. Other than true emergency workers, we need every working person (not just union 'rank and file' members) to join this strike. The more that join, the shorter the strike will need to be. The effectiveness will be in shutting down and incapacitating the corporations, not in visible protest such as picketing our place of work. We can all 'stay at home', stay in our communities and neighborhoods, and even gather in neighborhood and community 'block parties.'

  • Boycott: In addition to the Nationwide General Strike, we call for a full boycott of all major corporations. Starting on [specific date to be announced], transact NO business at all with major corporations - until our goal is met. Celebrate the rebirth of small business, neighborhood business, farmers's markets, and barter - and share what you have with those in need. This tactic is actually more powerful than divestment - because many of these large corporations (such as Walmart and Target) rely on daily retail sales for cash flow. They will feel this impact! Don't buy anything except essentials (and buy those from small, local businesses) until our goal is met.

  • Divestment: When the original version of The Reset Button was published in early July, 2011, it called for complete divestment of all funds from all major corporations, as well as moving our money out of the large national/international banks. This call to move money from large banks was repeated by the Occupy Movement, and was successful to a large degree ($nearly $5 billion was moved.) That action was intended to happen simultaneously with a nationwide General Strike and corporate boycott, but still the action spoke loudly to the Financial Elite.

    Because banks have the power of 'fractional reserve lending', and because the Big Banks' major income is from lending to corporations and governments, not individual citizens, we cannot bring Big Banking to a grinding halt. Still, there were nearly three-quarters of a million new accounts started at small banks and S&Ls, which shows that a huge number of people are fed-up with the Big Banking cartel. We need to add another million or two million people to the list of who moved their money - to divest from those multinational banking cartels.

    We also call for total divestment from all stock in large corporations. Sell your stocks and put the money in a small bank or S&L - or better yet, buy real goods like nonperishable organic food, herbal medicines, and non-food essentials before the international financial cartel deliberately pops the 'derivative' bubble and makes our dollars worthless. If you wish to risk any investment, invest only in small companies with high integrity and low ecological footprint.
The intent is to apply as much pressure on corporations as possible - using simultaneous tactics. Don't forget that the Financial Elite and their multinational financial cartel has declared a financial war on all citizens - to crush us, and take all we have. They are winning, and if we do nothing, they will win. These actions are our only chance to survive the financial war.

Please read The Reset Button document, which goes into greater depth on all aspects of the strategy and the logic behind each facet of the strategy.