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Although many US citizens are unaware of it, international bankers have declared a financial war, and are in the final phase of creating a deliberate global economic bust far worse than The Great Depression was in the US. It is well-documented (but unspoken) that bankers deliberately caused the crash of 1929, then foreclosed on property or bought-up everything for pennies. This time, they have deliberately created a massive 'derivative' bubble, and are using derivatives to accumulate wealth and to crush the global economy. Using over a Quadrillion dollars (over a thound-trillion!) of created debt, they are now ready to burst the bubble - and their goal is to crush us all financially.

Once the Financial Elite have accumulated wealth so vast that their great-great-grandchildren's grandchildren could not spend it all, what's left to conquer? What is the quest? Ultimate Global Power and Total Global Control. How close are they to achieving it? Very close.

It is difficult, really beyond the comprehension of most people that the Financial Elite would want to also destroy the US dollar. If we ordinary US citizens lose 90% of the value of a devalued US dollar, won't the Financial Elite also lose 90% of their wealth? Not if they are holding assets in other forms, such as the precious metals that they have stockpiled by the ton. Chess players will understand the strategy of sacrificing your queen (the most powerful and versatile piece), as long as you win the chess match. The Rothchilds banking empire is estimated at being in the vicinity of $500 trillion dollars. Even if $100 trillion is in US dollars, and they lose $90 trillion dollars, it doesn't matter to them - as long as they win the chess match. Winning the chess match means introducing a new, global currency that they control.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of the Occupy Movement, Occupy Wall Street exposed the international bankers as the primary source of all global problems. The international bankers retaliated by having their politicians (that they control) quickly enact more legislation to make protesting and dissent illegal, and tightened US domestic security. Evidently expecting food riots once the bankers deliberately pop the derivative bubble that they deliberately created, the Department of Homeland Security just ordered 450 million rounds of .40 caliber, hollow-point bullets (and bids are out for an additional 175 million rounds of .223 rifle ammo.) [Update that to 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition for DHS, 2700 Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicles (MRAP, like we saw in Boston), 63 drone aircraft sites approved by the FAA within the USA, hundreds of thousands of new security cameras... This is not paranoia, they are preparing for massive social upheaval.]

International bankers have been brilliant: they now control the global media including the US, they control almost all politicians including the White House, and they control almost all federal judges. Complete control of the United States is the 'crown jewel' for the international banking cartel, the last critical piece of the puzzle for them to control the world.

With the police-state and surveillance-state in full swing in the US, the Patriot Act, the Authorization to Use Military Force Act, and the rekindling of the Espionage Act, the situation was dire over two years ago, when The Reset Button was first published. Since then, the revelation of the unfathomable size of the derivatives bubble about to burst, and now, two huge pieces of legislation signal that the US government, controlled by the Financial Elite, are nearing their endgame strategy:

  • NDAA: The National Defense Authorization Act, with its "Homeland Battlefield" provisions, gives the president the power to kill anyone, any US citizen, right here on US soil, without a trial.
  • HR 347 "Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011" (The Anti-Protest Bill) In spite of the title, this law effectively is a catch-all to felony arrest any protester, anywhere. Besides the president and his family members, the vice-president and his family members, all former presidents and their family members, major presidential candidates and their family members, do you know for sure who else is under the protection of the US Secret Service? Of course you don't. It's a secret. Do you know where all of those people are, at all times? Of course not. If you happen to be protesting near where any one of them are, or even where they will be, you are subject to felony arrest. "Feeling lucky, punk?"

Once arrested, say, using a loose interpretation of HR347, all they have to say is that you are a 'suspected terrorist', and they don't need to bother getting a conviction - NDAA provisions kick-in, you are then a 'detainee', you have no rights at all, and they can imprison you forever, without a trial.

So, the strategy of occupations and on-street protests - perhaps protesting an environmentally disastrous pipeline, or the ramp-up to yet another undeclared war for control of the Middle East, or, God forbid, protesting that international bankers have swindled the world onto the brink of financial collapse - is now an excuse to throw any of us in prison forever.

That is what our Congress has done to us, to our sovereignty, to our freedom. If this same group controls the Congress when the international bankers push over the domino that destroys the US dollar and our economy, we (and all future generations) will be debt-slaves forever. If We the People take control of Congress, we can immediately protect ourselves against the international bankers' kill shot, by a brilliant Monetary Reform Act.

There is no cavalry coming, no white knight. We the People of the United States either immediately unite and try with all our might to legally and non-violently gain control of the US government, or we give up and accept whatever the international bankers do to us.

The reason you haven't heard of a better plan and strategy than The Reset Button is because there isn't one. Years from now, children will ask you, "What did you do in the International Banker's War of 2012-2014? What role did you play? Did you cower in fear, or did you act? What did you do to help?"

What will you say?

Is declaring a state of "extreme urgency" a type of fear-porn? No. Declaring urgency where there is no urgency is fear-porn. This, on the other hand, is a critical message that all US citizens need to hear, and act upon immediately. At this defining moment in history, we either immediately stiffen our backbones, stop them now, and hit the reset button - or quite likely, we will never again have a chance for sovereignty, self-determination, and self-governance.

Please read The Reset Button document, which goes into greater depth on additional aspects of the urgency of acting now...or never.