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Sometimes, validation emails get overlooked, or accidentally deleted, or end up in 'spam' folders, or get blocked by your email server.

To re-send the activation email to yourself, please fill-in your email address (that you used) and submit the form below. You will then receive ONE email, with a new activation code link, (so we know for sure that you requested the change.)

The email gets sent instantly, but some email servers take hours to process emails (due to all the 'spam' they deal with), so please be patient. If this still does not go through, then your email server is blocking email from this new domain (, and you will need to whitelist the domain.

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Please read The Reset Button document, sign it, and spread the word as quickly as possible. If you read the first part of The Reset Button document, you'll clearly see how international bankers and multinational corporations have taken over the electoral system in the US, ensuring that they stay in control no matter who you vote for. You'll see why action is required immediately to remove the Financial Elite's representatives from power, change the electoral system so the rich do not control it, and get ordinary citizens as representatives - representing ordinary citizens.

The Reset Button - Elections controlled by citizens for citizens, not Big Money