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  • I want fair, honest elections in the United States!
  • I want a government of the people, by the people, and for the people!
  • I want US elections controlled by US citizens, not by Big Money and influence from corporations, banks, special interests, and the rich!
  • I sign The Reset Button as a declaration, not as a petition.
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Please read The Reset Button document, sign it, and spread the word as quickly as possible. If you read the first part of The Reset Button document, you'll clearly see how international bankers and multinational corporations have taken over the electoral system in the US, ensuring that they stay in control no matter who you vote for. You'll see why action is required immediately to remove the Financial Elite's representatives from power, change the electoral system so the rich do not control it, and get ordinary citizens as representatives - representing ordinary citizens.

The Reset Button - Elections controlled by citizens for citizens, not Big Money